Cultivatable Twin


Aptly named because this board will foster your surfing abilities no matter the conditions you throw at it. The Cultivatable Twin is one of the most versatile performance boards offered.


This board features a flat entry rocker, with a more pronounced tail rocker exiting the board. The flip in the tail gives this board hold in better, powerful conditions. The flat entry rocker ensures that you are able to glide over the gutless sections on smaller days as well. The wings right behind the fins tighten up the pivot point and makes driving this board off the bottom no problem. The Cultivatable Twin is a favorite locally and trips where conditions can be unpredictable and varied. This board can be ridden with or without a small trailer fin depending on what you are looking to feel under your feet.


Built to adapt.

  • Medium to large-sized waves

  • Ride this one 2-5 inches shorter than your height

6' 0" with double side free lap resin tint