Hi-Performance Shortboard


This Hi-Performance Shortboard is exactly that.


When designing the Hi-Performance Shortboard, I felt that simplicity was important to the curves and outline of the board. A smooth continuous line with no dramatic breaking points from nose to tail is what this board provides. The outline is an introduction to how this board surfs. This board is not going to throw any unwanted surprises at you and does exactly what you want it to on a consistent basis. It features a relaxed rocker and late flip out of the tail, single to double concave, and a more rounded rail.


The Hi-Performance Shortboard is not a groveler and is meant to be ridden in better conditions to access all of its attributes. This board can be  tweaked to accommodate several different tail variations. The most commonly utilized is a rounded squash tail. It can also be ordered as a step-up.

  • Medium to large-sized waves

  • Ride this at your standard shortboard height

5' 9" rounded squash
Jack at Cloudbreak on a 5' 10"
5' 11 1/2" wide squash