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Longbottom Leaf


This board was created out of one friend's desire to have a board that could be ridden in the slopey waves of San Onofre and Trails, but also handle the fast punchy beach breaks around town in San Clemente.


This mid length features a tri-plane bottom, beak nose, flat rocker, and narrow nose. A combination of these features allows the board to trim easily in gutless waves. But still giving the confidence to be able to engage and hold the rail in the barreling waves one may surf. If you encounter a variety of waves on a regular basis, this board will ensure enjoyment no matter the conditions.

  • Small to medium-sized waves

  • Best ridden at 6' 6" to 11' 0" length 

6' 8", 7' 0", 7' 4", 7' 8", 8' 0"
7' 0"
7' 3" Tri planar bottom
Beak nose
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