Scott Hayward was looking for a high-performance thruster that could handle the gutless waves that often reside near his home in the state of Maine. We came up with a design that would make it easy to generate and maintain speed through any maneuver performed in mushy, lackluster conditions. It just so happens, that in Southern California, we often encounter these same conditions. That unfortunate fact makes this board an excellent choice for days of sub-par surf around Southern California.


This board is asymmetrical and features a swallow tail on the toe side and rounded squash tail on the heel side, with a wing just behind the heel side fin. The Polyonymous (meaning many names) is so called because it can't be pigeon-holed to just one meaning, The asymmetrical design is stance-specific, meaning that it is made for either a goofy or natural-footed surfer. The slight changes in width, rail design, concave, rocker, and fin placement lead to a more natural feeling board under your feet.

  • Small to medium-sized waves

  • Ride this one 1 - 3 inches shorter than your height 

5' 10"


5' 9"

Scott enjoying his brain child

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