Wizards' Half Pint


This model was created to fill in the gap where the "Wizards Are Never Late" fell short. "Wizards Are Never Late", being a favorite for many in bigger, better, and hollower waves, lacks flair in small, gutless surf. The "Wizards' Half Pint" excels in small, gutless surf and skates across waist high waves with ease. 

This asymmetrical twin features a flatter rocker and moderate double concave with a wide tail block. Surf this asym on rail and it will be grateful. 

Designed to bring happiness to those saddened by waist high nothingness.

  • Small to medium-sized waves

  • Ride this 1-2 inches shorter than "Wizards Are Never Late" or 4-7 inches shorter than you are tall

  • Try this one in Stringerless EPS if you really want to chase away the swall wave tears

Craig (Goofy) and Ashton (Regular) both on a 5' 5" "Wizards' Half Pint"

5' 5"
5' 7"
Jeremy in Salina on a 5' 7"
5' 3"
5' 1"