Ever since I was a young kid, I loved building things with my hands.


This led me down the path of handshaping my first surfboard as a sophomore in college. I first started shaping because I wanted to be able to build surfcraft that was specific to me and my style of surfing. When I started to make boards for other peopIe, I soon found that I got a lot of joy out of making boards that others could benefit from and use. 


After college, I went on to earn my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I learned a lot of concepts in Physical Therapy school that made me a better shaper. The most important being analyzation of movement patterns. Movement patterns in everyday life vary so much between individuals, In Physical Therapy, movement analysis allowed me to determine what treatment is most appropriate any given specific patient.


I realized this concept also pertained to surfing.


Every single surfboard that is designed for an individual, whether they are a professional or just beginning, needs to be specifically tailored to how that person surfs. I craft each Vessel so that every individual can surf each wave to the best of their ability and, most importantly, receive the maximum amount of joy possible out of any time spent on a wave.


One specific board design is not going to work for the entire mass market, because everyone surfs differently. There are so many different ways to ride a wave depending on what type of equipment chosen. I want to help you see surfing in a different way to break up monotony. Riding something carefully handcrafted for you keeps surfing enticing. 


This is why every board I design is handshaped with enjoyment in mind.


Surfing is fun and should be treated as such.

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