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Fangorn Thruster

The thruster version of the Silmaril was built after the twin. I started to have the itch to build thruster again after mostly building twin fins the last several years. All my personal thrusters have had these belly channels placed in front of the fins, not in between. 

Dispersing the water flow before it hits the fins, it makes the board feel a little more lively. I’ve had a hard time linking turns on thrusters, and mostly this is ability level. But I’ve mostly struggled with the “draggy” feeling of a thruster and these slot channels seem to lessen that for me, making the boards easier to surf.

Belly channels have been around for ages and it’s nothing new, but I’ve been liking the feeling of dropping the channels in specific slots, putting concave into it as well. When I was blending the belly channels in between the fins it seems to cause the opposite effect making the board stiffer. The slots leave the rest of the bottom of the board flat, feeling faster. The slot channels also sit in a deep single concave that extends out of the tail. 

It all comes together with a thruster having some of that "free" feeling I love about twin fins. Still feels and surfs like a thruster, but is easier to get going.


Having fun with these. Ask me about the pros/cons of deciding between ordering a twin or thruster Silmaril. 

The squash tail is for everyday surf, but I build a narrower version accompanied by a thumb tail that is gear toward a good wave shortboard or step up.

*Symmetrical Version currently in process

  • Small to Large-sized waves depending on how ordered

  • Ride this one 1-3 inches shorter than your height for standard

  • For a step up, inquire further as length with differ depending on sizes of surf intended

5' 8" x 19" x 2 3/8" Stringerless EPS Regular Foot
6' 1" x 18 5/8" x 2 3/8" Regular Foot
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