Flying Fish

This board was first developed in preparation for a trip to New Zealand. The country of New Zealand is one of the most wave diverse regions in the world, possessing points, slabs, beach breaks, reefs, wedges, and everything in between. The goal was to make a twin fish that could handle any given condition that the country would throw at it. That goal was met in the form of the Flying Fish.


There are several features that make this twin fish unique. The Flying Fish features a significant double concave from the belly through the middle of the fins, complimented by a vee out of the tail behind the fins. Compared to the width in the front of the board, the tail is fairly pulled in to create a tighter pivot point when surfing waves with a tighter pocket. The beak nose and good amount of foam under the chest will aid in gliding through any section that a wave may throw at you. Speed is not an attribute this board lacks.

  • Small to medium-sized waves

  • Ride this one 4 - 9 inches shorter than your height

Flying on a 5' 3" at Lower Trestles


Walrus Tooth driving through

Fly fishing

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