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Flying Fish

The Flying Fish has been described by most as a shortboard hidden in the outline of a fish. The reason for this is that it likes to roll rail to rail moving up and down on the face of a wave. It has a deep double concave and exaggerated vee out of the tail that makes it extremely responsive. It does not surf like a classic fish. The curved tail through the last foot of the outline also promotes a tighter arc. The flat deck of this model allows the ability to pack in a lot of volume, while keeping the overall thickness down. The flat deck is complimented by a down rail to aid in speed. 


The Quickbeam is more suited for you if you are looking for a classic fish feeling under your feet, but if you want a fish that surfs more akin to a shortboard, the Flying Fish is what you're after. 

Speed is one thing that you will not lack.

  • Small to medium-sized waves

  • Ride this one 4-9 inches shorter than your height

5' 3"
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