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Gaffer Asymmetrical

The only board I build that I would deem "hybrid". The reason being is this board is a semi-mashup of the Flying Fish and Half Pint. Fish forward and shortboard back. The idea with this board was to create a short and stubby surfboard that had a tight, but functional turning radius in average surf. 

In comparison to the Ilúvatar, this board surfs less like a fish in the sense of longer, smoother lines. It likes to be surfed a little more aggressive and has a much narrower outline in the tail half of the board coupled with significant hips to further tighten up the turning radius. It excels when the surf becomes more cupped out and not as mushy.

My favorite part about the board is the mini channel behind the fins for a suction effect. It allows your back foot to sit behind the fins as opposed to most twins where you are standing directly over the fins.

Ride this board slightly thinner than you would think because the thickness of the board is carried evenly throughout and features a flat deck. 

The asymmetrical version of the Gaffer performs better in smaller surf due to the ability to keep the tail wider in correlation with the aggressive heelside hip, when compared to the symmetrical version of the Gaffer.

The asymmetrical version is designed for high-performance surfing in normally thought of as low-performance waves.

Asymmetrical version = below average to average waves

Symmetrical version = average to above average waves

  • Ride this one 3- 9 inches shorter than your height

Myself on a 5' 2" Gaffer Asymmetrical at Slowers

5' 1" Gaffer for Natural Foot
Natural Foot
5' 2"
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