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This asymmetrical surfboard was born out of a desire to purely surf on rail when the waves are on the better side. A board that is not meant to skate around when the waves are lackluster. The features on this board are extreme, which translates to how it meant to be surfed. Unforgiving, but allows you surf without any hindrance when encountering critical parts of a wave. 

This board is on the thicker side, but narrower than you would expect a board this short to be. There is a round snub nose to keep the rail line more parallel and it makes the board feel 3 inches longer than it actually is. The benefit of this is having a stable, shorter board able to fit into pockets on a wave that you wouldn't normally be able to fit in and the single wing on the heel side rail tightens up the turning radius.


If you are looking to surf well in above average waves, this is the board that you will find yourself riding.

  • Medium to large-sized waves

  • Ride this one 1- 5 inches shorter than your height

Craig riding a 5' 6" & Jaden riding a 5' 9"

Nemo is riding a 5' 6" Nómin in the first half and a 5' 6" Second Breakfast in the second half

Jaden on a 5' 9" in Baja
Myself on a 5' 6" somewhere warm
5' 11" for Regular Foots
5' 11" Regular Foot
5' 6" Regular foot
5' 6"
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