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Ordainer Short

The Ordainer Short deserves its own section due to the fact that the Ordainer starts to take on some different characteristics 6' 4" and below depending on your height. The shorter version of the Ordainer is easier to move around in smaller surf due to the shorter rail line. It takes on more of a shortboard form. 

The main differences are a slightly wider tail block and more foam/width in the tail half of the board rather than the nose half. Many of the other characteristics are the same and the Ordainer Short is a reflection of its longer self.

Easier to move in smaller surf, but still takes a liking toward waves with a bit more power to them. It is meant for aggressive on rail surfing while using what the wave gives you, rather than forcing maneuvers.  

Simply put, it is just an Ordainer in shortboard form.

  • Medium to large-sized waves

  • Ride this at any height you choose 6' 4" and below depending on your height. Inquire for more info.

Look up the "Ordainer" (in Models) for more info

Mason Ho on a 5' 8" Ordainer at Backdoor

Myself on a 5' 8" Ordainer at Lowers

Mason Ho on a 5' 8" at Backdoor; Photos by Rory Pringle
5' 10" Regular Foot
5' 9" Regular Foot
My son and his 5' 8"
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