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This fish outline was in the works for quite some time. The goal was to make a fish that surfed more like a fish in the classical sense, while not being held back in waves of consequence. Compared to the Flying Fish, this one features a channel in between the fins running up 20" from the tail block set in a single concave. The channel has a significant amount of double concave within. While the channel is pretty shallow, there is a significant amount of double concave in between to keep the double in a specific spot between the fins rather than have the fins sitting in the double concave, aiding in maintenance of speed.

Feature comparison to the Flying Fish will show this one has a straighter tail outline, wider tail block, and narrower nose. There is also much more thickness in the nose with a more forgiving tucked rail.


Many of the other models' main goal is focused on how to surf as radically as possible. This one focuses more on using what the wave gives you. Although still able to hold its own in solid surf with the channel adding versatility.

All of these features combine with each other to produce a fish that is easy to surf and carries plenty of speed to get you where you want to go. Aptly named “Quickbeam”

  • Small to large-sized waves

  • Ride this one 2 - 9 inches shorter than your height


Myself on my wife's 5' 0" Quickbeam

5' 6" x 20 3/4" x 2 3/8"
5' 8", 5' 6", 5' 4"
Again on my wife's 5' 0"
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