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Second Breakfast

The Second Breakfast was an original request from a good friend. He referenced his old Rusty Dozer in how he wanted this board to surf. The idea was to make a board that surfed like that high performance thruster, but was much faster. 

The asymmetrical board I designed is one that excels in above the lip, tight radius turns, and performs just how you want it to in powerful wedges and bowls. It also carries through the flat spots at Trestles a little better than we expected to.

Riding the other high-performance twins I make, you dance around across the deck a bit more, moving your feet here or there depending on what you are doing on the wave. This board is more similar to a performance shortboard in that you plant your feet and go.

To be clear, this board is not a replacement for twin fins, but to supplement those with the desire to ride a 3 fin shortboard with a remnant twin fin feeling of speed and fluidity.

Designed with the option for twin-quad (twin on toe side and quad on heel side) and thruster fin configurations. Inquire to see which one is more suited for you.

  • Small to medium-sized waves

  • Ride this one 3-5 inches shorter than your height

Myself on a 5' 6" x 19 1/4" x 2 3/8"

4 pack
5' 8" with red/clear abstract
5' 11" with inlay
Jack on a 5' 11" somewhere
5' 9" Screwfoot
Jack again
5' 4" & 5' 1" Stringerless EPS
5' 9" Clear
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