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Three Quarters Pint


The Three Quarters Pint is twin fin shortboard fusion of the "Wizard" and "Half Pint". The Half Pint was one of my first asymmetrical twin fin designs some years ago. The idea was to hide the asymmetry at first glance, while still having all of its benefits. The only downfall of the Half Pint was its limitations in surf over head high, while the downfall of the Wizard is limitations in surf underhead. 

The Three Quarters Pint is meant to handle larger, hollower surf while still having the ability to surf well in surf underchest. While I don't believe in building a surfboard for all waves and conditions, this one moves in the direction of that.  The biggest changes are increased, continuous rocker, a narrow gutter channel sitting in a single concave, and a narrower outline. 

This board likes waves with a bit more curve and push, but works in reefs, beaches, and points. A great everyday twin fin shortboard, and especially one I don't travel without.

  • Small to large-sized waves

  • Ride this 2-5 inches shorter than you are tall

Myself on a 5' 6" Three Quarters Pint

5' 6" x 18 7/8" x 2 5/16" for Regular Foots
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