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Craig Knox, Mr. Walrus Tooth, wanted a high performance twin fin for days when he wanted to surf more progressive without having to surf a high-performance thruster. Wizards Are Never Late is a replacement to the hi-performance thruster for those that prefer the feeling of a twin fin under their feet.


The asymmetrical design is stance-specific, meaning that it is either made for a goofy or natural-footed surfer. The slight changes in width, rail design, concave, rocker, and fin placement lead to a more natural feeling under your feet. Consequently, this twin fin excels in larger, hollower surf while still having the playfulness of a twin fin at waves like Lower Trestles. This board is designed to accommodate a few different tail variations depending on how you surf.


This model is named for Gandalf himself because if there was one model he would ride, I would imagine this would be the one.

  • Medium to large-sized waves

  • Ride this one 2-4 inches shorter than your height

5' 6" for screwfoots
Josh on a 5' 6" in what the board is meant for
Josh on a 5' 6" at his locale in Raglan, NZ
Craig on a 5' 7" down south
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